Hamilton Sunset: ISO 100, 55mm @ f9 - 1/10 sec


Peach Dawn: ISO 100, 58mm @ f11 - 1/30 sec


Bermuda Clouds: ISO 100, 40mm @ f13 - 1/160 sec


New Forest Sunrise: ISO 100, 80mm @ f16 - 0.6 sec


Softbank: ISO 200, 300mm @ f4 - 1/3200 sec


Llanberis Dawn: ISO 100, 65mm @ f16 - 4 sec

LATEST NEWS (10th Jan 2016)

Just released - dates for my February 2016 Northern Lights photographic workshop!

6 nights in Norway only £800!

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Well autumn is over for another year and winter is approaching quickly, I hope you all managed to get out over the last few weeks and get some nice autumn colours?

I sadly missed most of the autumn as I was out in Bermuda photographing the America's Cup yacht racing, so while you were all enjoying misty mornings I was in 80' heat and fighting sea sickness - oh the joys.

There will be a Blog post on my time out in Bermuda very soon, so check back here in a couple of weeks time.

Groupama: Nikon D4, ISO 200 - 300mm @ f4, 1/2500 sec


Here are a couple more images from Bermuda to whet your appetite.

If you wonder why the yachts appear to be 'flying' rather than sailing I will explain all in my Blog post.

Flying: Nikon D4, ISO 200 - 300mm @ f4, 1/4000 sec


Racing Start: Nikon D4, ISO 200 - 300mm @ f4, 1/2500 sec


Sadly once the racing was over the weather changed and became very cloudy, wet and windy, the locals told me it was the effect of hurricane Joaquin blowing through the week before, this disturbed all the weather patterns hence the unseasonable conditions. Others will tell you it was the Chris Beard Travel Effect - they feel I am plagued by travel problems whenever I go away somewhere. Anyway I did manage to get one sunny day although it was still very windy so I headed over to Cooper's Point Nature reserve with my camera, this is a fascinating place and was until recently the back-up base for the American Space Shuttle programme.

Coopers Point: Canon 5D MkIII, ISO 100 - 67mm @ f13, 1/250 sec (Polarising filter + 2 stop ND Grad)


Despite my travels I still managed to get home before the storms stripped the leaves from the trees, here are a couple of images taken down in the New Forest, Hampshire. Where I must add that while making an exposure while stood knee deep in Ober Water a branch blew against my lens, knocked my Lee filter holder and polarising filter into the depths never to be seen again. An expensive mishap, for the price we pay for the filters I really think the manufacturers should come up with a better way of securing them to our lenses. Come on guys, design something more secure!


Misty Forest Path: Canon 5D MkIII, ISO 100 - 80mm @ f10, 1/6 sec


Pony in the Mist: Canon 5D MkIII, ISO 100 - 58mm @ f8, 1/10 sec


So with the cold, frosty mornings of winter just ahead of us, now is the time to start planning our winter photography - make sure you have got some warm clothing, suitable footwear and a decent pair of gloves. There is nothing worse than being outside in great conditions and having to pack up because you are too cold. I am a great believer in merino wool undergarments, they are warm, light, breathable, none static and dont get smelly - just be careful you don't wash them at too higher temperature and definitely don't put them in a tumble drier!!!

For outer layers I like Buffalo garments, very light, warm, they dry quickly if they get wet and they still have good insulation if they are wet. Buffalo are a UK company, they offer a repair service too should you ever damage your garment, they are good quality and reasonably priced too.

Footwear - I like my neoprened lined wellingtons, they are really comfy and you can walk all day in them without getting blisters, it goes without saying they are waterproof too.

Enjoy your winter photography and keep an eye on my Blogs to see what I have been upto over winter.

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