A Splash of Colour: ISO 100, 98mm @ f11 - 1/4 sec


North Pier Blue Hour: ISO 100, 70mm @f11 - 3 minutes


Carder Bumble Bee: ISO 400, 100mm Macro @ f11 - 1/100 sec


Car No3 : ISO 100, 70mm @ f22 - 1/60sec


Island in the Sun: ISO 100, 105mm @ f11 - 1/6 sec


Running The Gauntlet: ISO 1250, 70mm @ f8 - 1/2500sec


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I have started to get out and about again with my camera, although summer isn't the best of seasons for landscape photography it does present some opportunities for great images to those willing to endure early starts and late nights. Also the milky way is prominent in the night sky and should you be able to find some dark, clear skies away from light pollution you should be able incorporate it into some of your images. Below is an image I made last year of the milky way over Devil's Bridge at Kirkby Lonsdale - ISO: 3200, 14mm, f2.8 - 30 seconds. I light painted the bridge with a torch for around 12 seconds of the exposure time to make it stand out from the background.




















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