Point of Ayr Lightening Storm: ISO 100, 24mm @ f19 - 10 sec


Dr Bridge, Eskdale: ISO 800, 35mm @ f11 - 1/8 sec


Lytham Pier at 02:00hrs: ISO 1600, 24mm @ f8 - 30 sec


Fly Past: ISO 100, 200mm @ f4 - 1/2000 sec


White Legged Damselfly: ISO 800, 100mm @ f9.5 - 1/125 sec


Lighthouse Storm: ISO 400, 200mm @ f8 - 1/1000sec


Fist of all a big welcome to all those who have subscribed to my web site, I am currently working on the latest newsletter which will be out before Christmas.

I hope you have all have managed to get some good autumn colour photographs. It wasn't the best autumn weather or colourwise, here in the north west just as the colours started turn we were hit with a week of storms which stripped a lot of leaves from the trees. Also the dry summer seemed to effect the colours and they weren't as vibrant as they can be during autumn. Anyway we can only photograph what is before us and we need to make the best we can from the conditions, this can force us to becaome a bit more creative in our approach which helps to improve us as photographers.

The Boathouse, Derwentwater - ISO 100, 55mm, f11, 4 minutes (10 stop ND filter)

I spent quite some time travelling around the Lake District this autumn looking for compositions and planning future images. I have a few in mind for over winter so I'm hoping we get some snow this year.

Reflections, Grasmere - ISO 100, 200mm, f11, 1/25 sec (5 stitched vertical images)


The Burning Bush - ISO 100, 35mm, f11, 0.8 sec (polarising filter)


I am busy planning a photographic workshop to Norway to photograph the aurora in February. Norway is a very expensive country to visit and most workshops there are costing around £2000 for a week, this places it out of the budget for a lot of photographers. So I am trying to run something a little more reasonable - we will be self catering in a lodge and the cost will be around £950 inc flights for 6 nights. Full details will be in the next newsletter and bookings will be on a first come, first served basis.



Superman Rises, Talvik - ISO 800, 25mm, f2.8, 6 sec


Sunset Lerresfjordveien - ISO 1600, 24mm, f13, 1/180 sec


Red Sheds - ISO 100, 55mm, f13, 1/60 sec

Aurora Cathedral, Alta - ISO 100, 25mm, f8, 6 Sec


I photographed the sand yachts on St Annes Beach and will be writing a Blog post on the day shorthly but for now here are a couple of images from the day.




So with winter fast approaching now is the time to start planning your winter images, whether they or landscapes or winter wildlife. I have set myself the goal of trying to capture a postcard image of a robin on a holly wreath or something similar. I tried and failed last year as the weather was so awful and I used a wreath with fake berries on it. The red berries were just polystyrene balls covered in red plastic, the birds soon pecked off the plastic and I was left with a wreath full of white berries - lesson learned.

Remember when taking photographs in snowy landscapes you need to over expose your images by around 1 stop, this is because your camera's metering system doesn't know you are metering white snow and tries to turn whatever it is metering on to 18% grey. If you rely on using your cameras metering system then your white snow will turn out grey IF  you don'y apply around 1 stop of over exposure to your images.

When the weather is bad winter is a good time to visit local churches and cathedrals to to photograph their internal architecture, some will allow you to use tripods (essential for working in the low light levels you find in religous building), others won't allow you to use them so always ask first. Flash is not allowed at many places but by using a tripod we can increase our exposure times to negate the need for any extra light. Cloudy and dull days work best as the light coming in through the windows doesn't create the harsh shadows you get with full sun. Also full sun can bleach the colours out of the stained glass windows, they look so much better when photographed during a cloudy day.

Whatever you plan to do this winter I hope you have a great time and get lots of great images.

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