Point of Ayr Lightening Storm: ISO 100, 24mm @ f19 - 10 sec


Dr Bridge, Eskdale: ISO 800, 35mm @ f11 - 1/8 sec


Lytham Pier at 02:00hrs: ISO 1600, 24mm @ f8 - 30 sec


Fly Past: ISO 100, 200mm @ f4 - 1/2000 sec


White Legged Damselfly: ISO 800, 100mm @ f9.5 - 1/125 sec


Lighthouse Storm: ISO 400, 200mm @ f8 - 1/1000sec


I can't believe it's mid August already, where has the year gone?


It doesn't seem that long ago I was photographing the winter storms around the Lancashire coast and then the aurora in Norway. The warm, balmy days of summer seemed as though they would never arrive as the UK was battered by one storm after another and now we are heading towards autumn! Oh well at least there is the prospect of some great end of season colours and hopefully a nice image or two.


So what have I been upto that has kept me so busy?


I was up in the Lake District in spring reaquainting myself with the area, as its just over an hour from where I am now living I expect to be making a few trips up there over the coming months.


To the left is an image I made while I was up there, I suppose it could best be described as an 'intimate landscape'. I was attracted to the way the early morning light fell across the scene and so I composed it to have the remains of the wall running diagonally through the image and the tree to frame the right hand side and the top of the frame. It has certainly a popular image in my collection and one that that has sold very well indeed.






In June I was asked to exhibit some images during the week long Lytham Arts Festival, the preparation for this event took quite a few weeks out of my diary but it proved worthwhile as I had over 150 visitors to view my work, made some good contacts and I sold a good number of images too. Then to top off an excellent week for me a panel of judges awarded my images the best exhibition of the Lytham Arts Festival, a very welcome acolade!


During the week I was asked by a few people just how large could I actually print my images? Well this started me thinking as usually A3 and A2 size are large enough for most peoples front rooms, so when a client asked to purchase an image 1.0m wide and mounted behind acrylic glass i was very interested to see just how good the results would be. Well I can report that they are absolutely amazing, the level of detail and clarity is stunning and the acrylic glass certainly imparts an almost 3D effect to the image. My client was so impressed that he ordered 2 more acrylic mounted images and recommended me to a friend who ordered 2 images for herself.


Following on from the exhibition I was asked to photograph the Lytham Proms weekend, a 3 day long music festival held on the sea front here in Lytham with Tom Jones being the headline act on Saturday evening, with Michael Ball and Lesley Garrett following along on Sunday. What a 3 days it turned out to be, a fantastic experience:























I will be writing a Blog post on my experience at the Lytham Proms and show you a few more images of some of the different acts that entertained us over the 3 days - who remembers Captain Sensible, ABC, Atomic Kitten etc?


Yes they were all there along with many other bands on soloists, I have to admit that I'm not a great music person so I didn't know some of the acts.

One of the bands that had escaped my radar were called The Christians but I was really impressed by them and their music. I had the opportunity to chat with them after they had played and what a great group of guys they are. They are playing up in Blackpool in October so I for one will be going to see them again, hopefully sat down and not rushing around with my camera.





ABOVE: is an image of soprano Lesley Garrett belting out Rule Britannia.


LEFT: Michael Ball soaking up the applause.












I then headed up to Blackpool for the Rebellion (Punk Festival) and what a great weekend that was, I have already written a Blog post about this event Rebellion - check out the link. This is such a great weekend that I am going to run a Weekend Workshop next year to allow fellow photogrphers the opportunity to come up and join me and get themselves some great images.




























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